hampstead heath engagement 1.JPG

What a tour. Well, I'm back in Detroit after a month in Europe—but it feels like I've been gone a year. So much happened. My dear Nana passed away in my absence. I got engaged to my best friend & love of my life in London.

Now I find myself immersed in my home comforts—able to make my own coffee & sit at my Lowrey organ and work on tunes, with jet lag waking me up too early (a sorta blessing) & an annual early-fall cold fogging up my head (a sorta nostalgic blessing itself).

It's hot in Detroit. I feel myself in that gentle fugue the mind enters reflexively in moments of serious life transition. I feel like giving away all my clothes & starting my wardrobe over. Getting a dog. Writing another collection of poems 34 people will read. Riding out a manic productivity and resilience wherever I may find it.

I'm simultaneously tempted to detach completely from the greater world wide web that is virtual humanity—just keep making stuff for my own gratification in a super wonderful state of simple domesticity—and also to connect and share overzealously in a reckless blaze. The modern duality. Whatever. I keep writing songs because I have to. It is how I process my lovely weird world. Therefore I have many songs queued up for release. My completed solo debut 'Alone at St. Hugo' WILL come out in 2019, I promise. New Frontier Ruckus album in the works, about which I am so excited. How blessed I am for my partners in that project, Davey & Zach. How gratefully we approach our task in honoring all the band represents.

I want to find a way to release things immediately and without the toxic expectation and me me me-ness of a bygone broken industry. Just hand it all over with an immediacy to anyone out there who might care. Could it be you?

Matthew Milia